TIGER DAMS are eco-friendly

The use of sandbags requires a lot of manpower and hours of work. Beyond that sandbags are more expensive than TIGER DAMS and can cause significant damages to the environment. For example they may be contaminated by the flood water.

When the flood water goes down and the clearing work begins, removing thousands of sandbags is very laborious and time-consuming. But it’s absolute necessary, because the sandbags would decay on the premises.

The used sandbags may be contaminated with wastewater and pathogens and can’t be brought to the local waste deposit like normal household garbage. They must be disposed of as special waste with costs. As this costs are very high, sandbags often will be left on site and thrown into the sea, the lake or the river.

Whereas TIGER DAM tubes can be cleaned environmentally friendly and are reusable.

The fast and easy installation of TIGER DAM tubes needs less time and manpower. If the flood water went down, the tube water can be pumped out within minutes so you can roll up the tubes again.

TIGER DAMS are completely environmentally friendly.