Your Advantages

Compared to sandbags, TIGER DAMS are ...

  • more ecological, because TIGER DAMS do not leave any contaminated waste,
  • reusable, so you save money for acquisition costs and waste management costs,
  • more ergonomic, because less manpower is needed to build up the flood defence, in addition this protects the health of all helpers,
  • easier to transport,
  • faster to build up and to remove,
  • usable without any preparation, because you do not have to fill the bags with sand,
  • easy to store, because the tube only gets its high capacity, when fulfilled with water,
  • flexible in applications, e.g. for property protection or as impoundment reservoir,
  • multifunctional, e.g. as storage for drinking water or other liquids,
  • cost-effective, even if you just compare it with ordinary sand bags material costs,
  • That means: No disadvantages!

With 100 TIGER DAMS you can manage...

  • 1.500 meters tube line with a protection height of 0,45 meters
  • or a 500 meters tube line with a protection height of 0,85 meters
  • or a 240 m tube line with a protection height of 1,25 meters
  • or a 150 m tube line with a protection height of 1,60 meters
  • or the possibility to crate a maximum of 33 circle dams

Comparison between Tiger Dams and sandbags on a length of 150 meters

Protection Height
0,45 m
0,85 m
1,20 m
Number of TIGER DAMS
Build-up time for 1 person
4 h
8 h
12 h
Number of sandbags
Build-up time for 1 person
125 h
350 h
800 h
  • One TIGER DAM replaces ca. 550 sandbags*
  • After using the tiger dam one time the costs will be amortized compared with normal sandbags.
  • At least 26 times faster to build up compared to a sandbag dam.*
  • Less transport capacity needed.
  • Less environmental pollution by multiple usage.
  • Less storage costs.
  • UV resistant
  • Chemically resistant**
  • Saving resources due to less needed manpower.
  • Assigning new tasks to helpers.

*Cost calculation for one sandbag calculated from “Bundesanstalt technisches Hilfswerk”. Including costs for putting the sand in the bags. Transport costs have to be calculated on top. 
** On the basis of the “Chemical Report” presented by IFC Corporation. This report is available on request.