The TIGER DAM - Technical Information

Every reusable Tiger Dam is produced out of vinyl covered polyester, which has the advantage of a resisting material against chemical products and also can resist the UV-radiation of the sun for 17 years. Ready for transport and without water inside, one tiger dam has a weight of 27 kg, a length of 15 meters and a height of 50 cm and can replace 550 sandbags. At this configuration transporting is pretty easy, because one tube has just a measurement of 35 cm height x 78 cm width, when transported in a packet or bag.

To fulfil a tube 2760 liters of water is needed. This means, that a normal hydrant needs only 2 minutes to fulfil the tiger dam. You can also use a sewage pump to fill your Tiger Dam. Draining is also that easy and time saving.

Build-up (example of a 6 tubes pyramid)

Step 1

It only needs 2 persons to build up the flexible tubes. The tiger dams are going to be rolled out and strapped together until they get filled by water.

Step 2

The image at the right side shows, that the tubes have to be placed parallel to each other. The valves are already opened to allow water to fulfil the tube.

Step 3

Lower tubes getting filled with water until they are filled to their maximum water capacity.

Step 4

Now two other tiger dams are going to be laid on the lowest tubes. The helpers have to assure that the tubes are fixed with straps and positioned parallel to the lower tubes.

Step 5

The second layer also gets filled with water until the capacity has reached the maximum.

Step 6

After the second layer is filled, the last tube gets fixed over the second layer. Also this tubes is going to be filled with water until it has reached the maximum capacity.


Step 7

A number of 6 Tiger Dams now builds an effective protection against incoming water. The build-up process only takes about an hour.

Getting a connection between two Tiger Dams:

You have to overlap the ends of the tubes together until you have reached the check mark and accordingly stick both ends of the tubes together. When reached this point you need the sleeve to cover both sites of the tiger dams. The handling of the ends is quite similar, you fold the end to the check mark, pull the sleeve over the folded end to its check mark, and put the other half of the empty sleeve under the Tigerdam.


Tiger Dam Pyramid height: