Application Area

TIGER DAM tubes can be used in many different circumstances. Besides general flood control and industrial property protection, road construction, river crossing, repairing of bridges and general construction works and private property protection, even for raw water storage our TIGER DAM System is suitable.

General Flood Control

Whether as heightening of a dike or as second flood defence line, the Tiger Dam is the sandbag replacement.

Industrial Property Protection

Either for industrial enterprises or office buildings, Tiger dams should be a part of everyone’s inventory.

Private Flood Control

You can protect your home with our flexible Tiger Dam tubes.

Road Construction

Tubes can be used to divert water from the construction area. This allows an easier work and flexible handling.

River Crossing

If it is necessary to dry up a river to repair for example the pavement or the bridge itself, the Tiger Dam is an ecologically and economically solution.

Bridge Repairing

Also for bigger bridge constructions the tubes can make the working conditions more comfortable and more safe.

Construction Works

In every working construction with contact to water, the Tiger Dam is a cost-effective way to protect health of helpers.

Water Storage

Floods can damage the environment for a long period of time. In case of a lack of drinking water tiger dams can be used to save water.